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Camcorder (for iPhone 3G and 2G) app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 9690 ratings )
Utilities Photo & Video
Developer: KendiTech
1.99 USD
Current version: 1.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 14 Dec 2009
App size: 1.47 Mb

Record videos on your iPhone 3G or 2G!

- Export video to camera roll
- Email video
- Recording time is unlimited

Pros and cons of Camcorder (for iPhone 3G and 2G) app for iPhone and iPad

Camcorder (for iPhone 3G and 2G) app good for

This app rules, Ive got the iPhone 3G and wanted to upgrade to the 3Gs bit did not want to pay 300$ for the the new version. So I looked around and found this app and tried it and it works really well. The only thing Im not sure about is once you record a video if you can store it on your pc and I know that you cant send it via email so later Ill try to record something and save it and write an other review Stephane
I bought the competitors first cause i was lazy look around and was neutral about it seeing how it only recorded one minute and the icon was alright but not worthy to be on the home page, an hour later i found this awsome app that has a nice icon that made it to the home screen( first app ever to) and the only downside is that it doesnt display the time recording =(
Yes finally, A video on my 3G! It does need improvment as far as being able to email it, rename you video takes and most of all to speed up its frame rates.(looks like 15fps) BUT its certainly better then nothing and for 1$ is peanuts compare to buying the new 3GS (which I will eventualy) but for now this is great and certainly good enough. Thanks guys!
Now we can save and email perhaps a mute audio button and integration for tweetvid ?
I love that you can have video on your iPhone but I would like to send my videos to my e-mail becuse I keep getting it can not sent meassge it to my e-mail So please fix it.
its a good app if it had a couple more fps then it would be perfect becuz its a little chopy

Some bad moments

I was excited to see if the application is working like a real video app. Unfortunatelly it seems that the getscreenimage function is not able to act like a real video camera. Its only recording images with a delay eventhough the iPhone would be able to record it smoothly. Its a pity.
Wheres the update? Other Cam Apps launched new versions with higher Framerates! Please be sure to fix this - and if possible get a new icon for it, this one is pretty boring. GoGoGoGoGoGo!!
Its okay for a camera phone ... But no way to offload/transfer or email videos... That option should b added for greatness
I got it before the price goes up ?! I shoulda got it for free. Potentially nothing will improve this app except a refund. Ultimately a waste of money. Seen better apps in my dreams. Id say laugh it off, but im still crying over that .99 deal.
This is great idea for the iPhone 3g users but there needs to be an update with new features
indeed it record but you cant upload nor email or send through mms. I waste money for buying it. Hope youll release a newer and useful application soon.

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